After working for more than 20 years with the most famous tour operators in the world, we finally decided to do what we love the way we love.We are a group of young and innovative people with backgrounds in arts and architecture with the leadership of Hassan Osanloo Ph.D as our CEO.If you decided to visit our country because you are an admirer of architecture and history, then you are in a good hand because that’s exactly our specialty and what differs us from he others.


  • Shirin Masaeli

    Born and raised in Isfahan she was fascinated by historical monuments since childhood. She went to Roodabeh French high school and she continued studying French at the University of Isfahan. After graduation she started working at Cimi-montobi where she learned Italian. she started guiding from 1999 and she is one of most successful guides of Iran in Italian and French language. She translates Ifahan guide book and map for the first time.
  • Mohammad Omidi

    With no doubt he is one of youngest and most talented guides in Iran. He is graduated in Italian Language and Literature from Tehran University and began his career as tour guide since 2007 in Italian and English. He was invited to Italy several times to give a speech about Iran as a touristic country. When not guiding he studies Russian.
  • Mohammad hasan Afzalinejad

    Mohammad hassan has been guiding in Italian language for 18 years. His talents as architect, Professor and interpreter made him one of the most respected guides in Iran. Drawn by his homeland’s culture he left his career in architecture to introduce this beauty to Italian tourists. He is graduated in Architecture from university of Florence and when not guiding for Spitour he translates Italian books among them la fisica dell’anima and tre maestri dell’architettura moderna.
  • Masoud Zenouzi Rad

    Masoud has an MA in Cinema, Television & Multimedia Production from the University of Bologna. He has worked in the radio for several years and for the past 5 years is working in the field of tourism. With a great passion for Iranian culture, an endless curiosity and only a backpack on his shoulders, he started his journey more than 10 years ago to discover different parts of Iran. He traveled and met people in various regions of Iran. Now he wants to share his unique experiences with the visitors from all around the world.
  • Ali Afshar

    After living in Italy for several years he moved back to Iran. He started guiding almost 20 years ago. He is one of most experienced guides of our country who very well knows the Italian people, their culture and their interests. His favorite spots are Lut desert and Farahzad.